Peterbrooke Chocolatier transforms the art of fine European chocolate making into a truly American experience by combining the very best ingredients and old-world techniques with a variety of all-American treats.

Handcrafted chocolate being added to a gift box.

Traditional favorites like decadent truffles, hand-made caramels, and cherry cordials indulge even the most discerning chocolate connoisseurs. Specialties such as chocolate-covered cookies, pretzels, popcorn, and strawberries are hand-dipped daily with Peterbrooke’s own unique blend of milk chocolate, rich decadent dark, and creamy sweet white chocolates.

The Peterbrooke Chocolate Story

Peterbrooke founder and renowned chocolate expert, Phyllis Lockwood Geiger, opened her first chocolate shop in Jacksonville, Florida’s San Marco neighborhood in 1983.

Her mission was to bring back the art of European chocolate making and translate it into what she calls, "The American neighborhood experience”.

By focusing on traditional American favorites such as cookies, pretzels, and popcorn dipped in the highest quality, European-inspired chocolate, Phyllis was on the leading edge of America’s “gourmet movement” of the 1980s.

Her original shop was a departure from the traditional look and feel of most chocolate stores. Instead of the typical brown and brass, country clutter motif, Peterbrooke is sleek and simple.

With its clean lines and combined with a white, pink, and blue color scheme, the original store's décor allowed the chocolates to become the stars.

The San Marco Peterbrooke shop at night. A Peterbrooke shop exterior. Phyllis drizzling chocolate.
A Peterbrooke shop exterior.
Delightful chocolate pieces.

It Began on a Whim

During Peterbrooke’ s first Christmas season, the shop was asked to participate in the neighborhood’s annual holiday festival. Merchants were to provide free treats to visitors in the shopping plaza.

At that time, Peterbrooke hadn’t created a product that was suitable for large groups. Phyllis’ dilemma was, “What to serve?” She couldn’t afford to sample her expensive hand-made chocolates.

Buzzing ideas, she went next door to the movie theater and purchased a huge bag of fresh popcorn. She hand tempered a bowl of milk chocolate, poured it over the popcorn, broke it up, and served it to the crowds in large bowls. The creation was an instant hit! It continues to be the company’s number one selling product!

Now with 25 locations and growing Peterbrooke is a household name in Florida and surrounding states.

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