Chocolate Money - Business is Booming for Peterbrooke Chocolatier - Peterbrooke Chocolatier

Peterbrooke Chocolatier has come quite a long way since opening its first shop in San Marco back in 1983 according to a recent article in The Coastal.

The Jacksonville-based chocolate shop chain celebrated its 35th birthday this year by opening three new stores, bringing them to a total of 22 locations throughout the Southeast.

According the to story, business was booming for the brand in 2018 as Peterbrooke Chocolatier saw double-digit increases in sales and moved over 108,000 pounds of chocolate covered popcorn, its most popular item. Furthermore, the iconic neighborhood chocolate store hand-dipped over 46,000 chocolate covered strawberries in 2018 - one of the most high demand items for Valentine's Day.

Innovation and sustainability have been one of the key ingredients for the brand's recent success. Peterbrooke recently launched a new store design that features chocolate tasting bars, build-your-own-bark stations, and prep area and kitchen upgrades aimed at bringing the chocolate-making experience closer to customers.
“Our store design updates have improved Peterbrooke’s customer experience, which is evident in our sales growth and increased franchise development interest,” says Jeff Smith, Peterbrooke’s chief operating officer.

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