Pensacola News Journal: Love Chocolate? Get a taste of how it's made at Pensacola Peterbrooke Chocolatier day camp

Though summer day camps are often a clever way to keep the kids out of trouble while on summer vacation, Pensacola's Peterbrooke Chocolatier has adults filling up spots for its "day camp" as well.

"Pretty much we have full groups of adults that have been doing camp, too," Peterbrooke manager Jordan Cartledge said last week. "Today, I have a whole family that’s going to be doing it, I believe."

Campers will have the opportunity to temper, trickle and taste chocolate straight from the shop, allowing adults to feel like kids again.

Though the camp has been previously marketed toward children, Cartledge said there is actually no maximum age limit to take part in the fun. There is an age minimum though, and this year, participants need to be at least 8 years old unless a parent is present for the class.

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