Orlando Sentinel: The Choco Taco’s been resurrected in Winter Park — get your fix

Last week, the internet erupted — as it does, pretty much every day — with millions of people churning out thoughts of fond nostalgia, disappointment, rage and memes (oh, the memes!), this time in the wake of the news that Klondike’s venerable Choco Taco was being discontinued. This, despite the fact that most admitted not having had one in 10 or more years.

Naturally, cynicism followed. Was this a marketing ploy to rekindle interest in the Choco Taco, just so it could be ceremoniously brought back a short time later? At press time, even the Wall Street Journal was speculating.

But over on Park Avenue, Kevin Wray was the opposite of Twittersphere meltdown. In fact, the co-owner of Peterbrooke Chocolatier of Winter Park was downright chill. Because they were in full production swing to bring back their popular, upmarket rendition of the Choco Taco. A beloved seasonal special since 2015, they haven’t made them since before the pandemic.

No better time than right now, of course, capitalizing on the both public interest generated by the news cycle and the hundred-degree temperatures outside.

“We’re delighted to be able to make them again and take care of that craving,” says Wray, who many moons back gave the nod to employee Connor Davis’ idea of making a chocolate taco.

“He thought it would be fun and go well in the shop, so we gave him the tools and helped him develop it into a great, workable product,” says Wray. “We had it on and off as a popular special for a few years and then with COVID, we dialed back on things that were a little more labor intensive. This seemed like a perfect time to bring it back. People need that good, cold pick-me-up.”

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