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Thinking about the benefits and independence that small business ownership might provide? Wondering what it’s like to own your own business – especially one that brings your community together and puts a smile on every customer’s face? Questioning whether your next business move will provide you the work / life balance you crave? Here is the top five reasons why investing in Peterbrooke Chocolatier is one of the best business decisions you could ever make.

#1: Premium Product – aka: Everything’s Better with Chocolate

Since launching a new and quintessential chocolate experience more than 35 years ago, Peterbrooke has continued to evolve, remaining true to its primary mission of transforming the art of fine European chocolate and gelato into a truly American neighborhood experience. We always have and always will offer a wide selection of European-styled handmade chocolates and gelato interpreted through a distinctly American lens. We have over-the-top chocolate-covered popcorn (our most popular item) that can be packaged solo or sold inside the most incredible chocolate molds – like pumpkins during Halloween, hearts around Valentine’s Day or a football to break open while tailgating in the fall. Our individual franchisees can hand dip just about any item and they get really creative dipping wine bottles and making chocolate shoes and martini glasses. In fact, our St. Augustine franchisees have gotten so imaginative; they can’t keep their chocolate sushi rolls on the shelves, because they’re so popular. Like in St. Augustine, we encourage all our franchisees to be as innovative as they’d like and many offer their own unique twist on kids camps and adult nights out parties and special occasions. Peterbrooke’s raving fans and loyal enthusiasts love coming into our kitchens for an unprecedented – and fun – opportunity to make chocolate with our franchisees. Everyone smiles when they’re surrounded by chocolate.

#2: Operational Excellence

Peterbrooke is committed to franchisee success because that propels system-wide positive momentum. With a smart mix of communication, inclusivity and flexibility, Peterbrooke’s dedication to operational excellence is clear. Reports are quick and simple to generate and interpret so owners can determine what worked and where there’s room for improvement. Rather than “franchise conferences” we have business meetings with everyone at the table from franchise owners, corporate store managers, manufacturers, marketing, suppliers, shipping, logistics, and operations. It’s how we keep everyone informed, build team consensus and work toward the same goals. Furthermore, Peterbrooke’s Operations Advisory Council (OAC) includes franchisee owners, corporate store managers, manufacturers, our director of quality assurance, and our director of training and members of the executive team. We all focus on working from the same playbook with constant communication. Additionally, our newly-launched franchise website is powered with additional design and usability features for prospective candidates, a regularly-updated franchise opportunities section and newsroom where content is shared specifically about ownership and current shop news and happenings.

#3: Strong Brand Identity and Powerful Marketing

Peterbrooke Chocolatier is one of the most sought after U.S. chocolate and candy franchises with more than 20 shops operating across the Southeast, capitalizing on the $22 billion U.S. chocolate industry. We are known as “your neighborhood chocolatier” and we routinely hear about customers who have traveled across town and even across state lines to visit our shops. In fact, Brooke Joyner, the daughter of our founder and now the Atlantic Beach shop owner, is so committed to the brand that she sits on the OAC and regularly shares her “chocolate love.” “What I love about Peterbrooke overall is the quality of the product and the passion shared by everyone who works with me. Our chocolate is a reflection and a form of love…kind of a language of love through your taste buds,” said Brooke, who is THE “brooke” in the Peterbrooke Chocolatier name! Our system-wide dedication to creating an exceptional experience for guests with strong marketing and branding has developed a loyal customer base which has enabled Peterbrooke to flourish and expand during its three-decade plus history.

#4: We Take Care of our Neighborhoods and the Planet

Peterbrooke uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, which allows franchisees to create unique treats they can be proud of. All Peterbrooke Chocolatier shops are Global Alliance/UTZ certified, which ensures the global sustainable farming of cacao while providing farmers with better opportunities for growth and profitability. Additionally, many of Peterbrooke’s products are certified OU Kosher, including our gelato. We encourage Peterbrooke shop owner to develop and offer their own unique take on team-building classes, summer day camps for children, private parties, catering, and corporate gifts – all in the interest of supporting and building strong communities in the neighborhoods in which we operate shops.

#5: Poised for Growth

The chocolate industry in the United States represents a $22 billion opportunity and Peterbrooke has been capitalizing on that for the last 35 years. As “your neighborhood chocolatier” we operate with a unique mix of franchisee and corporate-owned locations, positioning us to successfully penetrate new and existing markets to continue our 35-year momentum. Dedicated to increasing the profitability of new and existing franchisees through a multiple revenue stream business model, we are already developing several new Florida markets including Tampa, Orlando and Naples and we will be announcing other growth areas in the very near future. Our innovative confectionary brick and mortar retail experience, along with a robust online business, and additional expansion plans, puts Peterbrooke Chocolatier solidly at the forefront of the lucrative gourmet and hand-crafted chocolate market.

Founded in 1983 in Jacksonville, Fla., Peterbrooke Chocolatier is a “neighborhood chocolate shop” offering a wide selection of European-styled handmade chocolates and gelato through a distinctly American lens. The first shop opened in Jacksonville’s historic San Marco neighborhood and today the brand has more than 20 locations throughout the Southeast, including Florida, Alabama and Georgia. The brand began franchising in 2006 and continues to focus on high-quality, delicious and beautiful chocolate creations that are perfect for personal or corporate gifts, custom baskets, private parties, and more. To learn more about franchising opportunities visit

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